“Good girls are those girls who never get caught”

I’ve been a good girl all my life. Since childhood I used to listen to my parents, elders, teachers. I never broke any rules. I followed them because i was afraid.

As i grew up, the rebellious teenager started to grow within me. i wanted to revolt against many things, but the good girl within me suppressed it. I never broke any rules, followed things as they were meant to be and just went with the flow.

I cleared my higher and secondary education and entered college life. For college I went to Pune and stayed in a PG. There i was stuck with all the “rules and regulations” of the college, PG, and of-course the parental guidance for a girl.I had stopped thinking out of the box. I restricted myself from creating something new, finding new ways, meeting new people My life was monotonous in every way.

They say sometimes a few words are enough to change your life.

And then i came across the life changing quote–” GOOD GIRLS ARE THOSE GIRLS WHO NEVER GET CAUGHT”.

I started living, breaking rules, found new ways, met new people, explored new places, tried new things yet never compromised with my principles. My parents were not strict but as a parent they are meant to think in a certain way. So i did things which helped me grow but stayed a good girl. You now know the secret how.



The word quaintrelle means “a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pasttimes, charm and cultivation of life’s pleasure.” A lady can be called a quaintrelle if she is everything above. In simple words a lady who is bold enough to embrace her real self in it’s original form. Of late originality is what is unique. People are trying so hard to convince others and fit in the “societal norms” that their fake mask has become a permanent part of them. Eversince tales have been recorded , written and heard we know two types of women- A GOOD LADY and A BOLD LADY. The difference between the two is quite simple. A lady who fits in the society well, adjusts herself is a good lady and the lady who was daring to evade the societal norms was called the bold lady. Is this concept valid even ti=oday in 2017? No! Today we dont need a bold lady to cease the “norms” and do something extraordinary. The world needs QUAINTRELLE. We need women who arent afraid to reveal who they really are. They should be everything they want to be and not what they expected to be. I am not against “adjusting”. Thats unavoidable. But forgetting your real identity and style just to please someone else is what I am against. I dont wanna drag men into the subject as this may soon turn into the feminism topic which again is taking wrong turns. Lady i want you to embrace your real self. Ask yourself what pleases you. Try and incorporate it into your style, pasttime and surroundings.IF YOU AREN’T PLEASED WITH YOURSELF .FORGET ABOUT PLEASING OTHERS!